Service agreement
Version: V1.1
Update time: 19.01.17

1.    Disclaimer

The agreement constitutes contractual and legal relationship between users and HUG 4 CHARGE INC.
. Right declaration
HUG 4 CHARGE INC has the ownership, intellectual property right and all rights of “HUG charging” and is protected by law. Users shall not modify, rework, translate or create “HUG charging” products or derivative products. Users shall not obtain the source code of “HUG charging” through reverse engineering, decompilation, disassembling or other similar behaviors and shall not change, copy and diffuse any data relevant to “HUG charging”. Otherwise, users shall bear any legal consequence caused thereof. HUG 4 CHARGE INC will investigate user's legal responsibility according to law.
Diagrams, videos, words or its components involved in the system or provided service as well as marks, products, service names are intellectual property rights of HUG 4 CHARGE INC. Without written consent of HUG 4 CHARGE INC, above information shall not be exhibited or processed in other methods for the purpose of making profit.
. Limitation of obligation and responsibility
Users must use “HUG charging” for individual purpose and shall not use in the form of making profit. Where use of “HUG charging” is for commercial purpose, the written authorization of HUG 4 CHARGE INC shall be obtained. Users shall not conduct the behavior that may violate law, endanger network safety or impair the legal rights and interests of the third party when they use “HUG charging”. Otherwise, the consequence caused thereof shall be undertaken by users. HUG 4 CHARGE INC does not undertake any responsibility and has the right to investigate the compensation responsibilities caused by users to HUG 4 CHARGE INC. Users may issue any problems or suggestions through relevant pages during the use process of “HUG charging”.
The ownership of software account of the system belongs to HUG 4 CHARGE INC. Users obtain use right of the system software account after users completes registration application. The use right only belongs to initial applicant or registrant and is forbidden bestowing, borrowing, rent, transferring or sale. Otherwise, HUG 4 CHARGE INC has the right to take back the system software account of the users.
Users make commitment to register with real identity to become users of the system and guarantee that the provided personal information data is authentic, complete, and effective and undertake legal responsibilities for provided information according to provisions of laws and regulations and convention of the agreement.
. Privacy policies
In order to better improve product experience and provide best service to users at the same time, under the condition that user’s personal privacy is not concerned, “HUG charging” will collect and use relevant information of user’s equipment and relevant data when users use the system. The information will be used for analysis of statistical significance to improve corresponding products constantly.
. Service rules
The system is only a platform that provides charging and information acquisition. Users must undertake all behaviors conducted under the registered account as well as any content transferred by users and any consequence caused thereof. Users should make judgment for content in the system and undertake all risks caused by using such content including but not limited to the risk produced by depending on legality, correctness, integrity or applicability of the content.
Any content that is released, transferred or implied by users through use of the system does not represent the opinion and policy of HUG 4 CHARGE INC. The company does not undertake any responsibility for such behavior.
. Disclaimer
Users may use and install “HUG charging” mobile sharing power bank rent system according to their actual needs. “HUG charging” has passed detailed test of HUG 4 CHARGE INC to prove its safety, reliability and practicability but does not guarantee that it can be compatible with all software, hardware and systems completely. When selecting or installing “HUG charging”, users shall pay attention to above-mentioned risk and undertake such risk.
HUG 4 CHARGE INC does not undertake any responsibility for any failure and damage as well as all consequences caused thereof due to compiling, repair, and change, treatment for the product made by research personnel or repairmen that do not belong to HUG 4 CHARGE INC.
HUG 4 CHARGE INC does not undertake any responsibility for any consequence caused by use, maintenance, storage that is carried out by failing to observe guide of the product instructions.
All or part of the service of the system may be changed, suspended, limited, terminated or canceled due to the need of business development. Special reminder is given hereby to users to pay attention above-mentioned risk.
. About the agreement
The company solemnly reminds you to note the clauses that may discharge the company’s responsibility or increase your obligation in the agreement. Please read carefully and consider the risk.
HUG 4 CHARGE INC reserves the right to change the agreement at anytime and does not inform the users one by one. The service agreement with the latest version will be released on the network of HUG 4 CHARGE INC. All users are deemed to be informed once the agreement is released. After the agreement is changed, continuous use of “HUG charging” of users indicates that users completely agree with change of the agreement made by HUG 4 CHARGE INC.
The final interpretation right and right to modify for all clause contents of the agreement belongs to HUG 4 CHARGE INC.
. The agreement shall be governed by laws of the People’s Republic of China.
In case that both parties hereto have dispute for agreement content or its performance, they shall resolve through friendly consultation. Where consultation fails, either party may submit it to a local people’s court with jurisdiction to resole through lawsuit.